Why and How to Tell Your Family You’re Suffering from Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel like you are completely alone in your life. Even if your life is filled with family and friends who love you, they probably have no idea that you are suffering from anxiety every day. Don’t suffer alone. Allow someone to help you through.

Why and How to Tell Your Family You're Suffering from Anxiety

Why You Should Tell Your Family

To alleviate your stress- By discussing your feelings with your family, you won’t have to hide your symptoms and feelings anymore. You can share when you start to feel worried about something and know that you have someone who will listen.

The relief of sharing your feelings- Once you share your worries and express the emotional pain you have been dealing with, you may feel some relief from your anxiety. Obviously, this will not solve the underlying issue. But by having an outlet to share your feelings, the bottled up feeling of worry may start to ease.

To get help taking the next steps- If you have even one or two family members or friends that you trust, ask them to help you through this. Explain your struggles and what you feel you need to do to move forward. Perhaps they could come with you to speak to a therapist or even just watch your children to give you some time away.

How You Should Tell Your Family

Speak with those you are closest to– You know which of your family members are most supportive. Speak to the person you feel most comfortable with first so that they can help you feel better and not judged for your feelings.

Ask someone to help you– Once you have opened up to someone you feel close to, ask them to be with you as you explain your feelings to other members of your family. Allow them to help you answer questions when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Tell them how they can help you- Make sure your family understands that your feelings are not their fault, but also be clear about how they can help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with work or cleaning you have to get done, ask if someone could help you with that. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need to feel better.

Don’t allow the loneliness of anxiety to overtake you. Speak with those closest to you about how you are feeling and how they can help. If you do not have anyone you can speak to or you need further steps to help you through while suffering from anxiety, contact a therapist. The only way to get through is with support. Please contact us for further information.