Three Common Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders make life difficult for people since they need to tackle their daily challenges while facing various emotions. Anxiety disorders can cause people to feel sad, anxious, and a multitude of emotions making life harder. If you suspect you have anxiety, you should look for these common signs of anxiety disorders to determine if you need to seek assistance and a diagnosis.

Three Common Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Struggling to Interact With Others

When some people have anxiety disorders, they find it difficult to interact with people. They may find it difficult to meet new people and discuss topics with them. Even if some of them know people and develop friendships with them, they may face anxiety as they try to make their friends happy and talk with them.

Overthinking Situations and Worrying About Them

On top of interacting with others, people with anxiety disorders may overthink the situation. They focus so much on what others say they end up worrying about the situation. They also think others don’t like them since they overthink situations and how people react to them. From there, they feel more anxiety and worry when they think someone doesn’t like them.

Finding It Difficult to Perform Daily Tasks

When people face anxiety disorders, they find it difficult to go through their daily tasks.  For example, they want to stay in bed or can’t motivate themselves to tackle their responsibilities. Even if they do get to their tasks, they feel so anxious they worry about whether they may do something wrong.


While these symptoms don’t apply to all anxiety disorders, they can help you figure out if you have one. If you suspect you or someone else has an anxiety disorder, you should seek confirmation and help with your situation. If you don’t know where to go, you can always contact us at Pandora’s House Psychiatry, so we can help you identify your signs of anxiety disorders and seek treatment for it.