The Struggle To Accurately Describe Depression

Depression can be hard to describe, especially when a therapist or a family member puts you on the spot with that inevitable question: How do you feel?

How do you describe your emotions, or lack thereof, when you are depressed? How do you explain a feeling of nothingness at the same time you are feeling everything at once? How can you explain your mindset when you don’t remember ever feeling anything different?

The Struggle To Accurately Describe Depression

It’s All In The Chemicals

The reason why depression is hard to describe, even to yourself, is that this mental state is not just situational. It’s chemical and may, perhaps, be hereditary. Those chemical imbalances cause us problems emotionally and physically.

Hormones and brain chemicals are what tell you how to feel and it is very difficult to tell when they are out of whack because the emotions come to you already altered.

Many people who are depressed feel empty and lonely most of the time, even when they are surrounded by loved ones. We want to say something to them but yet we don’t know what to say. Sometimes, we feel like there may be nothing to say.

The Struggle

We take the things that we love to do and set them aside because we are no longer inspired and no longer confident in our abilities to do them. Fatigue is rough and bleeds into our relationships with others. We don’t want to spend time with the people that we love, and then we feel worse when they react negatively to this.

When we feel at our worst, we may sometimes think that our loved ones, and even the world, would be much better without us here. But that simply isn’t true. We are all loved and wanted, we are just unable to feel it.

The struggle we are having is an internal fight to exist in a world we don’t understand because our brains have kept us from being a part of it and enjoying it. It’s time to get answers to our questions.

Our minds are messing with us and we can fight back. Pandora’s House Psychiatry is here to help anyone with a comprehensive individualized plan of attack towards combating your illness effectively and diligently. Contact us when you are ready for our help.