How to Find a Psychiatrist Near You

“How do I find a psychiatrist near me?” While this sounds like a simple question, looks can be deceiving here. There are two main considerations you must make.

How to Find a Psychiatrist Near You

What Type of Psychiatrist do I Need?

The first thing you must consider is what type of psychiatrist you need. For anyone between the ages of 16 -18, you should consult with a child and adolescent psychiatrist. There are also generalized adult psychiatrists available. However, if you’re struggling with something more specialized (e.g. an eating disorder), you may want to find someone who specializes in this type of psychiatry. These psychiatrists tend to be more restrictive. Additionally, if you need an evaluation for a legal matter, you should seek out a forensic psychiatrist.

Will They Take My Insurance?

One of your biggest concerns will have to do with insurance. Whether a psychiatrist will take your insurance will depend partly upon where you live. In those areas where there aren’t a lot of psychiatrists, most will take insurance. These psychiatrists will typically only see patients for medication management though. However, in those areas where there are a lot of psychiatrists available many of them will split their time between seeing patients and managing medication. These psychiatrists may not always accept insurance though.

You may still want to see a psychiatrist who is either not in your network or doesn’t take your insurance. The choice is yours, but you should know that if they don’t take your insurance you will have a higher deductible and if you want to be reimbursed you must handle the paperwork yourself.

Now that you know what to look for in a psychiatrist, it’s time to make some phone calls. If you live in Collin County, make sure you reach out to Pandora’s House. In doing so you’ll find out why they’re highly recommended when you ask “Who is the best psychiatrist near me?”