Counseling and Covid-19

The current Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything else; creating unprecedented anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and other mental health issues many have never experienced. Speaking with a trained professional can alleviate stress and worry, create positive thinking and mindsets, and create a cathartic and releasing experience. Here are some types of counseling to consider.

Counseling and Covid-19


Don’t be put off by the name—grief counseling is a versatile option. Grief is defined as any distress caused by loss or bereavement. Students lost their spring semester and seniors lost many final rituals; parents may have lost jobs; people, generally, have experienced a loss of life as they knew it. Some may have even lost a relative or friend to the pandemic. Grief counseling serves to explore the feelings of loss and process them healthily. Whether it serves to address losing graduation and prom, or a loved one, people have rightfully experienced significant loss in the last few months.


Stay-at-home orders across the country are forcing many families to spend long hours with each other that would otherwise be dedicated to school and work. Tensions are rising, siblings are bickering, and parents are unable to keep the peace. Family counselors aim to work out specific conflicts within a household by creating a treatment plan that involves each family member. With dedicated sessions to addressing personal conflicts within familial relationships, family counseling can rebalance the home and relieve strain.


You might be thinking that your problem isn’t worth speaking to a counselor about—there are other, bigger issues going on. That statement couldn’t be more wrong; mental health is neither a competition nor an endurance test. Therapists and counselors are there to listen to whatever your stresses may be—and help you through them. Personal counseling can lead to better management of stress, an improved sense of self, and a release of pent-up emotions. Though speaking to friends can often create a feeling of shared experiences, speaking to a trained professional will help you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Counseling services can be utilized no matter the circumstance you’re facing. With our telehealth visits, mental health treatment is more accessible than ever. For more help and resources, contact us today to get started.